Discussion Session on Oct 23(Tomorrow afternoon) @4:00 w/ Prof. Lamey

We are happy to inform you that tomorrow (Oct 23) at 4:00 we invited Prof. Andy Lamey to our discussion session, and he is going to join us and we will talk about animal rights together! (See the flyer attached below) We are looking forward to seeing you there tomorrow. By the way, have a lovely day! 
Best wishes,
UCSD Philosophy Club
PC Flyer_ Lamey

Special Discussion w/ Prof. Tolley @Oct 28, 1:00 pm @HSS 8025 — Existentialist’s Hour

Discussion Session w- Prof. Tolley

Dear Philosophy-lovers & Philosophy-livers

We are excited to invite you to our special discussion session on Oct 28 (Monday) @1:00 pm. During this session, we invite a special guest —Prof. Clinton Tolley, and he is going to talk Existentialism with us! There are many kinds of interesting topics in Existentialism, and Prof. Tolley is definitely an expert in this field. If you have any questions with regards to Existentialism, or just simply curious about this topic, please join this great conversation with us! The location is @HSS 8025 (Philosophy department library), and we are looking forward to seeing you during the discussion session! Please see the flyer attached.
If you have any questions about this special discussion session, feel free to email Phoenix <wew199@ucsd.edu>.

Best regards,

UCSD Philosophy Club