cloudchamberAbout:  Pronounced “You-Fis-Erg,” uPHSRG is UCSD’s undergraduate philosophy and history of science reading group. The purpose uPHSRG is to give undergraduates an opportunity to explore a variety of history and philosophy of science topics through reading historically “significant” texts that are not covered in undergraduate courses offered at UCSD. These might be works like those of Newton or Einstein, which laid the foundations for what science has become, or works like those of Kuhn and Duhem, which have changed the way we look at and understand science itself. The hope is to both encourage more undergrads to study the history and philosophy of science and to provide a space for them to learn and discuss the various issues within the fields.

In the past, uPHSRG has examined Newton’s Principia, Kuhn’s Structure, and Duhem’s Aim and Structure, and most recently Kepler’s Astronomia Nova; along with several smaller works (e.g. Quine’s “Two Dogmas”).

The current quarter will look at several different philosophers starting with Bacon and his Novum Organum.  Currently we are reading Bas van Fraassen’s The Scientific Image.