Ethical carsAbout:  QPD is a quarterly philosophical discussion meant to be a more formal (but by no means super formal!) discussion than PhilDisc.  A topic is chosen near the beginning of each quarter based on a poll of students who are interested in attending the discussion, which is held later on in the quarter.  Readings concerning the chosen topic are then posted here (see below).  It’s expected that discussants read some of the papers/articles posted, but you don’t need to read them all!

QPDs are typically accompanied by food, so come enjoy a deep conversation on important questions while doing the second most important activity: eating!

This quarter, the possible topics are basic income, self driving cars, white supremacy, and organ donation. To vote, click the following link: poll! The poll will be closed on the 26th of January, and relevant philosophy papers will be posted below.

Winter Quarter Meeting: Thursday, 1 March, 2018; 5pm in HSS 7077

Topic: Vote Here!

Readings: TBD

Contact: Tiffany Tran