PhilDisc/Socratic Seminars

PhilDiscPosterAbout:  PhilDisc (Philosophical Discussions) is an informal discussion group that meets twice each week in the Roger’s Community Garden (behind the Che Cafe).  The group was designed to compensate for the fact that upper-division courses at UCSD typically lack discussion sections.  Our goal is thus to provide a friendly, informal atmosphere in which students can discuss the topics they have been learning about in their courses or simply talk about philosophical questions they have been thinking about.

Although PhilDisc was designed for those in upper-division courses, students in lower-division courses and even those not enrolled in philosophy courses, are strongly encouraged to attend.  Active discussion is a vital aspect of doing philosophy; we believe that to do philosophy well one must not only think about it, but one must also talk about it.

Being an informal event, there are no set topics of discussion – bring in whatever questions you want to talk about and there will be a group of willing discussants! (For a more structured discussion group, see our QPD)  Drop in whenever you want (during our hours), and however often you’d like – no need to come every time, although we would love to have you!

Meetings: Wednesdays from 9:30am-10:30am in Roger’s Community Garden