Movie Night

PhilFilmAbout:  Movie Nights are just that – nights with movies.  But what makes PhilClub’s movie nights special is that they are accompanied by philosophical discussion (post-film) and, even better, food!  The movies are chosen based on their quality and their provocativeness with respect to philosophical topics.

Movie Nights are a great way to get to know your fellow philosophers, but they, like all of PhilClub’s events, are not limited to phil majors and minors!  So bring a friend and enjoy the film, food, and philosophy!

Typically, there is one Movie Night each quarter, although this could change based on the undergraduate body’s desires.

Spring Quarter Meeting: Friday, 13 April, 2018; 6pm in HSS 7077

Film: Ship of Theseus (2012).

Contact: Adam  J. Chin