Submission Guidelines

Vol XIII Submission Deadline: TBD.

Submissions are open to all UCSD Undergraduates.

  • Submission guidelines:
    *    There is no minimum page length for submissions; the maximum length is 40 pages (double-spaced); the typical length is 10-20pp. Within those limits, you should use as many pages as are required to fully explain your ideas, but submissions should not be unnecessarily long.
    *    Papers can be on any philosophical topic.
    *    Your name must appear on the cover page only. Your name must not appear on any other page of the paper. The cover page must include the following: Name, Title of Paper, Class Title and Number (if applicable), general topic (history, ethics, logic, etc.) and an email address.
    *    Papers must be submitted both electronically and in hard copy.
    *    Submissions must include a Microsoft Word attachment sent via email to: Please include in the subject line, “Paper for Undergraduate Conference.”
    *    Hard copy submissions should be delivered to the Philosophy Department (H&SS 7030) and labeled “Paper for Undergraduate Conference – ATTN: Conference Committee.” Please put your paper into a mailbox marked “GUERRERO”. Again, both the hard copy and email attachment must be submitted in order for a paper to be considered.
    *    One paper submission per student.
    *    The Undergraduate Philosophy Conference will be held in May.  Authors of selected papers should be available to present on the determined date.


If you have any questions, please contact Clinton Tolley (, Nancy Guerrero (, or Tiffany Tran ( .