Call for Papers

intuitionsIntuitions is the undergraduate philosophy journal at UCSD. Those whose work is accepted for publication will be invited to present at a conference featuring exclusively undergraduate speakers.

Submission Deadline for 2018-2019 Academic year:  March 22, 2019

All UCSD Undergraduates are invited to submit their original work.  Editors will be selecting papers on the merit of how well a paper argues for its thesis and how significant of a contribution it makes to the understanding of a philosophical topic. Papers on all aspects of philosophy, including its history, are considered. All submissions are read under blind review. 

The editors are not expecting completely original or revolutionary work at a professorial or even graduate student level; we’re looking to showcase undergraduate work that :

is well-written 

is well-organized 

is well-argued 

goes beyond a simple summary of others’ ideas to include some original defense, criticism, or adjudication 

 work that makes original philosophical propositions is also enthusiastically welcomed 

Most of the submissions from previous years have been papers originally written for any number of classes, often (if necessary) expanded to some degree or improved to the students’ liking. Originally produced work is also, of course, warmly accepted. If you received a good grade on a paper and thought you had said something a little new, or had wanted to by saying more, you should consider it for submission. Any paper which is philosophical in nature and fits the above criteria is a good candidate for submission. Submissions are open to all UCSD Undergraduates.

Guidelines for submission can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Guerrero (