Meeting: Quarter and Future Plans

Hello Everyone,

On Monday, 2 April, from 12-1pm in HSS 7030 (Nancy’s office), we will hold an open meeting to discuss our plans for this coming quarter as well as the future of PhilClub in the next academic year.  Please join us to learn about the exciting events we have in store for you!  Feedback is also welcome, so bring suggestions!


The Philosophy Club Presents: uPHSRG’s First Fall17 Meeting (19 October, 2017)

uPHSRG is back and ready to read some medieval texts!  This quarter will begin with reading Kepler’s Astronomia Nova, a foundational work in the history of astronomy and physics.  Our first meeting will be this Thursday, the 19th of October in the Science Studies Conference Room (HSS 3025).  We will listen to a brief talk on Kepler and his philosophical and scientific context, and then discuss how we want to tackle the text.  There is no required reading, so just come and enjoy yourself and the oreos!

uPHSRG Poster Kepler.output-1