Special Discussion Session w/ Prof. Matthew Fulkerson, Dec 7 @4:00 PM (Zoom)

The UCSD Philosophy Club wants to invite you to our third special discussion session on Dec 7 (Monday) at 4:00 pm.

For this session, we have invited Prof. Matthew Fulkerson, and the tentative topic is Philosophy of Cognitive Science. This involves any related topics in this field, including face perception, emotions, pain, motivations, etc. (depends on your interests!). Prof. Fulkerson is one of the most well-known experts in this area of study and has done intense research on philosophy of psychology, cognitive science, and philosophy of perception. Please feel free to bring any questions or thoughts to discuss during this session.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 983 4935 8618

If you have any questions in regards to Philosophy of Cognitive Science, or if you are curious about this topic, it’s a great opportunity for you to talk with a philosopher who is specialized in this field! We look forward to seeing you during the session next Monday!

Please feel free to contact Phoenix wew199@ucsd.edu if you have any questions.


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