Special Discussion Session w/ Prof. Saba Bazargan-Forward, Nov 12 @4:00 PM (Zoom)

Dear Philosophers,

We are excited to invite you to our special discussion session on Nov 12 (Thursday) @4:00 pm.

The topic of this discussion section is any topic in the area of Ethics Theory, and we invited Prof. Bazargan to join us! His focus of research is on normative ethics, with a specialty in “the morality of defensive violence, the morality of war, and complicity”.

If you have any questions with regards to normative ethics, or maybe curious about this topic, please join this great conversation with us! Here is the Zoom link.


Please see the flyer attached. (And Prof. Barzagan’s Website: https://philosophy.ucsd.edu/people/faculty-sites/sbazargan.html)

If you have any questions about this special discussion session, feel free to email Phoenix <wew199@ucsd.edu>.


Best regards,

UCSD Philosophy Club


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