Special Discussion Session w/ Prof. Manuel Vargas, Feb 14 @2:00 PM (HSS 7076)

Dear Philosophers,

We are excited to invite you to our special discussion session on Feb 14 (Friday) @2:00 pm. (Pizzas are provided!)

During this session, we invited an awesome philosopher — Prof. Vargas, and he is going to talk about Free will & Agency (probably a bit of Mexican Philosophy) with us! There are many kinds of interesting topics in the field of Free will & Agency, and Prof. Vargas is the most well-known expert on it! 


If you have any questions with regards to Free will & Agency, or maybe curious about this topic, please join this great conversation with us! The location is in the Philosophy Department Lounge Room (HSS 7076), and we will provide pizzas & drinks there. We are looking forward to seeing you during the discussion session! Please see the flyer attached.

(Prof. Vargas’s Website: http://vargasphilosophy.com/ )

If you have any questions about this special discussion session, feel free to email Phoenix <wew199@ucsd.edu>.


Best regards,

UCSD Philosophy Club

Special Discussion Session w- Prof. Vargas

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