Don’t forget to prepare for submissions into the Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity. Have your ideas or a paper you are proud of, be published and it will look great on your resume. Start early so you can edit your paper properly and make it be the best that you can. Look over the guidelines at the bottom of this post first so you don’t make any mistakes. The deadline is April 7th, 2014. Good luck!

Remember, you need to submit a hard copy of the paper to Nancy Guerrero’s mailbox in the Philosophy Department (H&SS 7030) AND email the paper to UCSDPhilConference@yahoo.com before the deadline.

In case you didn’t get it, Nancy Guerrero gives more details in a recent email about the matter:

“Dear Philosophers,

Time to start preparing your best philosophy paper, submit for publication consideration in INTUITIONS, an Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy, and reach for the sky!  Please read carefully through the submission guidelines below and if you have any questions, please contact Michael Hatch, President of the UCSD Philosophy Club, at mjhatch@ucsd.edu

If you have not had an opportunity to participate in Philosophy Club activities this year, now is a great time to start.  The Club is instrumental in providing a forum for stimulating philosophical discussion, publication of the Intuitions Journal, and hosting the Philosophy Undergraduate Conference in May.  Please visit their website for information on upcoming events, https://ucsdphilclub.wordpress.com/

All the best,


Undergraduate Student Affairs Advisor

Department of Philosophy




Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy – University of California, San Diego




All UCSD Undergraduates are invited to submit their original work. Editors will be selecting papers on the merit of how well a paper argues for its thesis and how significant of a contribution it makes to the understanding of a philosophical topic. Papers on all aspects of philosophy, including its history, will be considered. All submissions will be considered under blind review.

The editors are not expecting completely original or revolutionary work at a professorial or even graduate student level; we’re looking to showcase undergraduate work that is:

•   well-written

•   well-organized

•   well-argued

•   goes beyond a simple summary of others’ ideas to include some original defense,

     Criticism, or adjudication

•  though defense, criticism, and adjudication are the most popular submissions, work that

    makes original philosophical propositions is also enthusiastically welcomed

Most of the submissions from previous years have been papers originally written for any number of classes, often if necessary expanded to some degree or improved to the students’ liking. Originally produced work is also, of course, warmly accepted. If you received a good grade on a paper and thought you had said something a little new, or had wanted to in saying more, you should consider it for submission. Any paper which is philosophical in nature and its the above criteria is a good candidate for submission.


Paper Submission Guidelines:

•  There is no page length for submissions. You should use as many pages as are required to fully explain your ideas, but submissions should not be unnecessarily long.

•  Papers can be on any philosophical topic.

•  Your name must appear on the cover page only. Your name must not appear on any other page of the paper. The cover page must include the following: Name, Title of Paper, Class Title and Number (if applicable), general topic (history, ethics, logic, etc.) and an email address.

•  In addition to a hard copy of the paper, submissions must include a Microsoft Word attachment sent via email to:UCSDPhilConference@yahoo.comPlease include in the subject line, “Paper for Undergraduate Conference.” Hard copy submissions should be delivered to the Philosophy Department (H&SS 7030) and labeled “Paper for Undergraduate Conference – ATTN: Conference Committee.” Please put your paper into a mailbox marked “GUERRERO” (for Nancy Guerrero).  Both the hard copy and email attachment must be submitted in order for a paper to be considered.

•  One paper submission per student.

•  The Undergraduate Philosophy Conference will be held some time in May. Authors of selected papers should be available to present on that date. For more information, contact Michael Hatch, mjhatch@ucsd.edu.”


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