Orientation Invite to our Majors, Minors and Interested Students!

The following is an email  regarding orientation from Nancy:

Dear Philosophers,

Orientation is set for Thursday, October 3rd from 2:00pm to approximately 3:30pm, and it will be held in the department lounge (Humanities & Social Sciences Building, 7thFloor, Room 7076, Map). As the tradition goes, Orientation is to provide an opportunity for philosophers to meet the faculty, other fellow philosophers, and ask questions about the major/minor.  Both new and continuing students are invited.    Students from other majors who are interested in philosophy haven been invited this year as well- it will be a nice group.  Pizza, snacks, drinks and t-shirts (sorry, large sizes onlywill be set out in the hallway.  Get yourself something to eat, a t-shirt, and join us for the talk.

Profs. Craig Callender (Chair) and Clinton Tolley (Director of Undergraduate Studies) will be welcoming you all back and talking about Philosophy at the meeting.  We’ll also be introducing the new Philosophy Club leader, Michael Hatch, and I’ll be there also to briefly go over requirements and answer questions.  It is ok to arrive late or leave early if you need to.  No rsvp is needed but an email would be appreciated to make sure we have more than enough pizza for everybody.  If you are a new major and can’t make it to Orientation at all, please stop by to see me to touch base.

Finally, there is an  Undergraduate Study Lounge for our Philosophy Majors and Minors on the 8th Floor, Room 8033.  Starting on Thursday, October 3, it will be open from 9:00a to 4:00p.  Please observe the times as the door must be locked by 4:00p.  Should the door be locked, Susanne (Main Office, Rm 7002) or I can open it for you.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone! – Nancy 


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