Monday: Women in Philosophy

This Monday, March 5th, the philosophy club meeting will be canceled as there is a meeting of the Caucus for Women in Philosophy that I (Morgan) will be attending.

All women affiliated with the Philosophy Department are invited and encouraged to come. The group will meet from 2pm to 4pm in the philosophy seminar room (HSS 7077). Presentations will be given by Gila Sher, Dana Nelkin, and Nancy Cartwright about their current research and their career paths in philosophy. There will be refreshments.

The goal of this caucus is to bring women at all levels within the department together to discuss philosophical and professional topics. We hope all the women in the department will participate, because the perspectives of women at all levels–undergraduate, graduate, and faculty–will contribute to this project’s success.

This event has been organized by Amy Berg and Julie Walsh and is an exciting opportunity for women in the department to get together in a safe environment to talk about issues particular to us. I certainly hope to see my fellow undergrad women there.

Next week we will resume with the topic of World Poverty as per your votes and afterward there will be Coffee with Jonathan Cohen.


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