Next Week: Free Will

To everyone who came to this week’s meeting, thanks. It was great to have you all there and we enjoyed some pretty interesting conversation. Hopefully we’ll have some new faces added to our next meeting.

Speaking of our next meeting, it will be at the same time and place as always. Meet us in the Philosophy Department Library (HSS 8025), Monday, February 13th at 2pm.

Next week’s topic: The Free Will Debate

Questions to consider: What is free will? Do we have it? How does free will relate to moral responsibility?

A little reading, if you’re so inclined:

An article by Michael Norwitz contrasts the views of Daniel Dennett and Peter van Inwagen.

What Counts As Evidence for the Meaning of Free Will?–A discussion concerning changing meanings of “free will”.

Get that Chip out of my BrainAnswer a few questions and see where you stand on some issues in the free will debate.

Interview with Galen Strawson from 2003


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